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Student Internship Success Bundle:

Two essential resources for your student internship program.

A 16-week workbook for student interns and a companion guide for supervisors to provide a deep learning and growth experience for both.

Student Internship Success Workbook: 20+ Lessons and Activities for Student Intern Career Readiness


Supervisor’s Guide

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Which Students Should Use this Workbook?

The Student Internship Success Workbook is for college student interns and student employees. This workbook is a comprehensive resource for students, particularly those enrolled in college success programs to support historically underrepresented students, such as TRiO, GEAR UP, and Educational Opportunity Programs, among others.

What will Student Interns Learn?

The Student Internship Success Workbook is a 16-week personal and professional development curriculum for student interns. This workbook provides students with new content to grow their capacities as a student and professional in order to strengthen their practice of habits that will provide the foundation for their success in the years to come. These weekly lessons also provide rich content for supervisors and students to engage with in order to supplement their contributions to your organization. This workbook provides lessons and reflection activities centered on:

  • Personal Foundations
  • Professionalism
  • Communication Skills
  • Career Readiness

A complete listing of weekly activities included in the workbook are listed below. The workbook is built in consideration of a 16-week college semester and can be adapted to meet the pace of your internship program:

  • Making the Most of Your Internship Experience
  • Pre-Internship Student Activities
  • Week 1: Professionalism and Work Ethic
  • Week 2: Time Management
  • Week 3: Communication Styles
  • Week 4 Working with People of Different View Points
  • Week 5: Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships
  • Week 6: Networking
  • Week 7: Stress Management
  • Week 8: Receiving and Processing Feedback
  • Week 9: Documenting Your Professional Accomplishments
  • Week 10: Developing Your Vision Statement
  • Week 11: Your Personal Brand Statement
  • Week 12: Crafting Your Elevator Speech
  • Week 13: Writing Your Career Goal Statement
  • Week 14: Communicating Your Experience and Next Steps
  • Week 15: Transitioning from Internship
  • Week 16: Letters of Recommendation and Cover Letters
  • Post-Internship Student Activities

What is Included in the Supervisor’s Guide?

The Supervisor’s Guide is the companion book for Student Internship Success Workbook and is a fantastic resource for supervisors of college student interns.

The Supervisor’s Guide includes Weekly High Impact Activities for supervisors to practice in order to deepen their experience and enhance the student intern’s professional development.

Supervisors Resources Include:

  • Weekly and Quarterly Check-In Templates
  • 16 Weekly High Impact Activities
  • Pre-Internship Checklist
  • Post-Internship Templates

In short, the Student Internship Success Workbook and Supervisor’s Guide save you a ton of time and energy that you can now devote to engaging with your student intern at a deeper level.

You have weekly content to discuss with them, activities to facilitate, and templates to make your weekly and quarterly check-in meetings seamless.

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