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Hi! I’m Saby.
Welcome to the Resilient Campus community!
I’m SO grateful that you’re here.
I want to invite you to an online workshop and group coaching session I’m offering on May 30 and June 2, 2018. Check back soon for future workshop dates.



Why Resilience?

Do you know how often higher education leaders ask me for resources and practices to cultivate resilience on their campuses?

all the time! and I love it!

I am obsessed with the concepts, daily strategies, and challenges that building and sustaining resilience brings to our lives. I am collecting more information daily about how to apply resilience in four domains:

mind. body. spirit. environment.

I want to invite you to join me for a free online workshop where you will get a chance to reflect, receive small group coaching, and create a plan for your own practice of resilience.

Resist & Thrive

I’m excited to announce a summer personal and professional development opportunity you don’t want to miss.

“Resist & Thrive” is a 4-week resilience coaching experience that is 100% virtual and 150% committed to deepening your ability to thrive.

Say “yes” to you this summer and reclaim your summer “down time” to invest in your growth, learning, and deepen your community.

Limited spots available. Registration is now open until June 9. Find out more details here.