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Julia R. Golden “Trusting Your Gut and Following Your Heart as Social Justice Educators”



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by dr. Saby Labor in Audio, Blog, Resources
September 25, 2018 0 comments

In episode 29, my guest Julia R. Golden reminds us to be careful, kind, and patient with ourselves. Julia talks about the work they move forward, not only in Boston but across the nation through the NASPA Ubuntu Institute. Julia encourages us to follow our heart and trust our gut. We conclude our discussion with a tremendous list of resources and fantastic guidance to inform your daily work.

About Julia:

Julia R. Golden is the Assistant Dean of Diversity and Inclusion, Student Affairs at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science University in Boston, Massachusetts. Julia has worked in student affairs for 11 years in positions such as conduct, residential life, student activities and diversity & multicultural affairs. Julia serves on the NASPA Region I regional advisory board as the inaugural Diversity Initiatives Coordinator as well as the NASPA Region I conference committee and is the founder of the Ubuntu Institute for student affairs professionals of color. Julia studies at University of Massachusetts Boston for the Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education program to study the impact of secondary traumatic stress on student affairs professionals of color in multicultural affairs.

Show Highlights:

  • Julia shares more about themself as a queer, transracial adoptee PhD student 05:43
  • Hear about the work Julia is focusing on right now with NASPA and on student financial insecurity 10:48
  • Julia provides resources that inform the way they approach their work 29:03
  • Engage with the guidance Julia offers for professionals engaged in social justice work 40:47
  • Julia shares the best ways for listeners to connect with her 48:56

Notable Quotes:

  • “You can be doing this work and have such passion, but understand that burnout can be something you’re facing. We’re not all these resilient superheroes, we’re allowed to have moments where we fail, and where we feel we could do better. We need to be kind to ourselves.” 08:30
  • “Trust your gut. You know what your community needs. Know who your people are and that they are going to help your ideas come to fruition.” 17:14
  • “My story is mine alone and it is a privilege for anyone to hear it.” 40:47
  • “What is that one story that reminds you why you do this work?” 48:07
  • Inspirational quote from Julia’s NASPA SA Speaks, “A Year of Yes”:
    “You were not given a seat at the table, you earned that seat. Own that throne!”

Links Mentioned:

Connect with Julia:

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